by "Empowered" we mean feeling enabled by God's word!

Meet 14 inspiring Strong Women of the Bible who God wants you to know about and be empowered by


  • 14 inspirational ladies who have different personalities and purposes!
  • tons of journaling prompts that can get you thinking and connecting with God.
  • Ideas on how to journal effectively

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Claire and Sarah author of Strong Women of the Bilble

Hi, we're Claire and Sarah, and our goal is to help women be inspired by the Strong Women in the Bible (and they're NOT easy to find).

We've both had tough times. Claire when she discovered she had a brain tumour, and Sarah when she divorced. They both needed some biblical inspiration and found it really hard to find. It was only by accident when they were talking one day, that they realised they had their own scripture collections about strong women in the bible. Sarah found it very hard to find a good faith-based journal and Claire said "I bet we could put something fantastic together to help people like us!"

Claire has created journals since she was 8 years old, and Sarah is inspired by strong biblical women and together we've put together this amazing journal to help you.

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope you can open this journal and be inspired by the powerful biblical women and share some of their strengths.

So grab your Strong Women of the Bible Journal and be inspired!